Avi Dabush: This Purim: Join us in UNMASKING Jewish Terror

Dear Friends,

Purim is well known as a time for celebration, partying, dressing up, wearing our masks and thinking about Jewish resilience and perseverance over oppression. That, in short, was the story of Purim.

Today, however, some of us have taken things too far. When we look at the steady rise of settler violence/Jewish terror in the West Bank we see that some, too many, of us have gone from perseverance to extremism and hate. We are witness to too many instances of Jews moving beyond resilience to perpetrating violence against Palestinians and solidarity activists.

This is not our story of Purim. This is Purim masked, disguised and distorted. The violence is not new. From the massacre in Hebron by Baruch Goldstein in 1994 to ongoing attacks on activists and Palestinian farmers in places like Burin it is time to remove the masks. It is time to uncover the violence and to stop the impunity that allows it to continue. It is time for accountability. The perpetrators of violence and their enablers must not be allowed to hide behind their masks any longer!

RHR has been steadily working in the field. Directly with Palestinian farmers, our partners and our activists have felt the violence on their very bodies and on their souls. Violent Jewish terrorists who show no mercy or empathy for their fellow human beings, have clubbed, stoned and harassed. They have destroyed trees and set cars and fields aflame. We will not stop our work. We will not stop standing up for solidarity. We have called for the impunity to end. We have gone before the Knesset, we have built alliances and we have stood up for peace and justice. Join with us. Remove their masks and support RHR today.

Thank you & Purim Sameach!

Avi Dabush
Executive Director

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