Olive Harvest 2020: A Volunteer Report

The Olive Harvest is a unique opportunity for Israeli and overseas volunteers to learn about human rights in the occupied West Bank and stand/act in solidarity with Palestinian farmers who are under constant threats of violence and harassment by nearby settlers. Rabbis for Human Rights is now organizing the annual Olive Harvest for the 18th time. We are fortunate to have different volunteers, speaking different languages from different places take part. The harvest in Yiddish is but one more way to accentuate the value of difference and cooperation.
After 18 years of bringing thousands of volunteers out to harvest olives and to express solidarity with Palestinian farmers, we are happy to share the thoughts of one of our volunteers.

This time, at 19 years old, Ethel speaks from the village and from her heart about the importance of being a part of the Harvest.  Watch Ethel’s report here

We invite you to join her and by supporting RHR and the olive harvest by donating today.