RHR Announces New Executive Director!

The President of Rabbis for Human Rights, Rabbi Levi Weiman-Kelman, the Board of directors, and the professional staff are pleased to announce the appointment of Avi Dabush— a well-known environmental, social, and political activist— to the position of Executive Director of Rabbis for Human Rights. Over recent months this position was held by Advocate Becky Keshet, who will now direct the organization’s social justice and public policy projects. 

Avi Dabush

A 43 year old father of two, Avi Dabush is a resident of Sderot. Previously he served as Program Director in Shatil (the New Israel Fund Initiative for Social Change) and as Chair of the Representative Assembly of Koah LaOvdim (an Israeli Labor Union organization). He is one of the founders of the Negev Council and the Movement for Empowerment of the Peripheral Areas, and is chair of the Peripheries Branch of the Meretz political party. He is an active member of his synagogue community and the founder of Lishma , a socially-oriented Jewish studies initiative in Sderot.

Commenting on his appointment, Avi said: “I take on this new role with a mixture of joy and reverence. It is a critical time for Israeli society to hear a Jewish voice on human rights and social justice accompanied with tangible acts. This is our obligation. I am reciting the blessing ‘for having given us life and preserved us and brought us to this moment.’”

Rabbi Michael Marmur, incoming Chair of the Board of RHR, offered this comment: “Avi Dabush has proved himself over recent years to be a person whose feet are planted firmly in the soil of the local, while his head is directed towards fundamental questions concerning the State, the region, and the environment. We thank Becky Keshet for having taken the helm during this period of transition, and express gratitude to the professional team for its dedication. We turn now to the many challenges facing Israeli society. This is the time for a clear, measured, supportive, and fearless Jewish voice in support of the rights of all.”

If you would like to be involved or donate please contact Louis Frankenthaler, development director, at fundraisingdir@rhr.israel.net