The 2021 Olive Harvest is fast approaching

The 2021 Olive Harvest with RHR and Palestinian Olive Farmers is fast approaching. We look forward to our 19th year leading volunteers into the West Bank to help Palestinian farmers harvest olives and to stand with them in solidarity against settler violence, against interference by the military and against the indifference that allows for their rights to be trampled year after year.
We recall that the violence that Palestinians face at the hands of settlers, the institutional violence of official Israeli indifference and Official complicity with this violence, and the way that Palestinian rights are systematically disregarded compels us to stand up and be counted among those who will not stand idly by as our neighbors and our friends face abuse.

This year too, we will be out there in the fields. Imploring against violence to the trees or to their owners. Deuteronomy implores the Jewish people that even if a city is under siege it is forbidden to destroy the trees. The siege has gone on almost in perpetuity so we must be out their to protect the trees and to protect the integrity of our traditions from the abuse and distortion of violent members of our society and of our authorities who disregard human rights and forego peace.

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